Vault Comics Reveals Its David Mack Incentive Covers For ‘Hollow Heart’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Vault Comics reveal the David Mack is illustrated incentive covers for Hollow Heart #1. One piece of original art, but two incentive covers. One, a regular edition and the other a deluxe foil printed card stock cover.

The regular cover will be available as a 1:15 variant, while a deluxe foil edition cover will be available as a 1:30 variant.

Written by Paul Allor and illustrated by Paul Tucker, this series tells the tale ofa queer monster love story about the choices we make between giving our loved one what they want and what we think they need”:

“EL used to be human. Now he’s a jumble of organs in a bio-suit. EL is also in tremendous pain and has been for a very long time. Hope arrives in the form of Mateo, a mechanice brought in to work on EL’s suit. Mateo sees LK in a way no one ever has. And what’s more: Mateo offers EL an escape.”

Check out our preview of the first issue here.

Look out for Hollow Heart #1 hits store shelves on February 17th.

Olly MacNamee

A unashamed DC Comics fan and sometime teacher for over 20 years! I got lucky and found the escape hatch. Now, I just read and write about comics all day long. Co-host of the ICE-Cast podcast and one third of the brains behind Birmingham's street art and graffiti festival High Vis Fest.

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