Chris Evans Casts Doubt On His Return To Captain America

by Erik Amaya

Despite reports early on Thursday that Chris Evans is working on a deal to reprise his role as Captain America in an upcoming Marvel Studios film, the actor claims it is “news to him.”

Although, looking at Evans’ tweet on the matter — or is it more of a subtweet? — the comment could be interpreted many ways. As we’ve noted recently, actors attached to Marvel projects cannot confirm anything until Marvel does. In the most recent and ludicrous example, this meant Hailee Steinfeld could not confirm she was playing Kate Bishop on Hawkeye for nearly a week after photos emerged of her on set. Similarly, She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany flatly denied her involvement until Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made an announcement at the Disney Investor Day presentation early in December. Curiously, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo welcomed her to the family shortly after unconfirmed reports first surfaced. But it goes to show the difficulty Marvel-affiliated actors face when trade papers report they are working on a project. For various reasons, they must stay mum or say something like “news to me.”

For the moment, the original report remains what it was this morning: a report from a trade paper which is more than likely correct. At the same time, it is also possible negotiations will fail and Steve’s return for, say, a Young Avengers film will molt into something else. Time will tell as it often does, but it will be interesting to see Evans tap-dance around the issue like Maslany and Steinfeld before him.

(h/t THR)

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