‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Developers Discuss Plans For The Game’s Future

by Sage Ashford

Publisher CDProjekt has put out a video entitled ‘Our Commitment to Quality’, discussing the issues surrounding the release of their game Cyberpunk 2077.  The video talks about what went wrong with the last-gen versions of the game, and how it was initially designed for PC and scaled down, only to run into multiple issues with the older systems and their lack of power.

Of course, CDProjekt have been under fire since the release of their widely anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077, which wound up having a number of major issues for all owners, but specifically for last-gen console owners, who’ve reported everything from massive bugs to constant hard crashes making it impossible to play the game.

The company has issued refunds, the first round of which have already gone out.

CDProjekt has released a number of hot fixes already, with another one coming within ten days and a more significant patch in the days after.  As for the game’s next-gen versions, they’ve been pushed into the second half of this year.Meanwhile, the DLC for the game will come later in the year, while the expansions have been put on hold until the game is in a better condition for all platforms.

Sage Ashford

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