Mike Mignola Goes Back To The Well With Three New ‘Tales From The Outerverse’

by Brendan M. Allen

Legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola reunites with bestselling novelist Christopher Golden, artist Peter Bergting, and colorist Michelle Madsen for three all-new comic book stories. 

These three new titles, Cojacaru The Skinner, Imogen of the Wyrding Way, and The Golem Walks Among Us! present three standalone “Tales from the Outerverse,” expanding the world of Baltimore and Joe Golem, as well as upcoming series Lady Baltimore, in unexpected and unusual ways. The mythical hero Cojacaru the Skinner returns from the grave, the powerful Wyrder Imogen pursues her foes, and the legendary Golem awakens…

“Way back when, Baltimore was just intended to be a novel and so was Joe Golem,” said Mignola. “But then, Hellboy was originally going to be a few comics, and I never imagined it would take off and turn into whatever the hell it is now. These things sometimes have a life of their own, and the best thing you can do is feed the fires and see where things are going to take you. In the case of Baltimore and Joe Golem, you have both Chris and I feeding the fire. The best kind of fire—a fire made of folklore, monsters, and magic. So really, there’s no limit to how far this thing might go, especially with artists Bridgit Connell and Peter Bergting onboard doing, I think, the best work of their careers thus far.”

The release of the new “Tales from the Outerverse” titles will follow the publication of the eagerly anticipated new series Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens, which debuts from Dark Horse Comics on March 24, 2021. That series follows the adventures of the woman who was once Sofia Valk, who must embrace the title of Lady Baltimore as witches, monsters, and Nazis march through Europe.

About the new Tales From The Outerverse titles:

  •     Cojacaru The Skinner Two-Issue Series. Issue 1 debuts on April 21, 2021

Cojacaru the Skinner, the strange and enigmatic bane of Eastern European witches, has been dead many years. But from a bloodied French town in the throes of World War II, a plea for help carries across the winds of time. A desperate band of resistance soldiers and their white witch allies rest their fate in the hands of Cojacaru’s ghost. And when she answers their call, it will be heard near and far. 

Called forth from beyond the grave to fight witches once again, Cojacaru the Skinner wreaks her havoc on the witches of the Hexenkorps. But with their evil buoyed by the violence of the Nazis and the supernatural presence of the Outer Dark, the ghostly warrior will have to depend on a ragtag group of white witches and resistance soldiers to back her up. It will prove to be a desperate fight indeed. 

This is the story of Cojacaru the Skinner, once a small girl named Crina who befriended a witch-hunting golem. It is a story of horror, desperation, and, ultimately, hope. 

  •     Imogen of the Wyrding Way One-Shot debuts on June 23, 2021

While on a mission in Denmark with her fellow Wyrders, Imogen hears some odd news: hundreds of refugees fleeing the spread of Nazism are traveling into the nearby forest, and never returning. Helping a young man find his refugee family will bring Imogen face-to-face with some of the worst that war can inflict upon those in need–and make her ask the difficult question of what she’s really fighting for.  

  •     The Golem Walks Among Us! Two-Issue Series. Issue 1 debuts on August 4, 2021

The Golem has a long memory….

After being awakened from his long sleep in a shrine in Eastern Europe, Josef the Golem aids in the fight against the witches that once again terrorize humanity. Deployed to a small village where a cult has taken root, Josef encounters not only witches but an old enemy who remembers him well…and is out for vengeance! 

Brought to a small fishing village to fight a cult, Josef the Golem finds himself face-to-face with one of his oldest enemies from centuries of fighting witches. And when the fight comes to a head, the ultimate question will be whether fighting witches or saving humanity is really at the heart of the Golem’s purpose. 

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