Art For Art’s Sake #87: It’s Time To Put On Make-Up

by Richard Bruton

Welcome to yet another Art For Art’s Sake from the end of the world… or is it just me who feels like that at the moment? No? Okay then, well, you may as well settle in for the wonders of the art of comics whilst waiting for the next bit of the apocalypse to slot into place… it’s Art For Art’s Sake

Bill Walko – Teen Titans & Scooby Doo

The A-May-Zing Spider-Aunt – Cale Atkinson

Bruce Timm – Etrigan, The Demon

Riley Rossmo – The Endless

Jose Ladronn – The Inhumans

Sara Pichelli – Starlord

J Bone – The Legion of Super Pets

Giuseppe Camincoli – Riddler

Amy Reeder – The Shade

Yanick Paquette – The Spirit

More Spirit, this time from Thierry Martin

Thomas Boatwright – a meeting of magic – Dr Strange, Zatanna, Cthuhlu, Hellboy

Tom Fowler – Popeye

Classic Teen Titans by George Perez

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – Bat-King & The Gold Invader…

Ashley Wood – Wolvy & Rogue

Wolverine again – this time by Frank Quitely

And we’ll end this time on a bit of a lighter note – God knows, we all need it. The wonderful Roger Langridge does some magnificent convention sketches (yes, conventions – you remember those, right?)

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