‘Digital Lizards Of Doom’ Partners With ComicBooks For Kids

by James Ferguson

The space-fantasy comedy adventure series Digital Lizards of Doom has joined forces with the national charity ComicBooks for Kids and ComicBooks for Troops to bring the series to children and soldiers all over the world. Written by Gabriel Valentin and illustrated by Ernie Najera, the comic is inspired by video adventure games and Saturday morning cartoons.

“The entire story is outer space comedic fun and takes place in a far-fetched universe where an ancient pineapple demon (Pineapple Pete) has trapped unknowing characters inside a video game simulation and the only way out is to play by his rules,” said Gabriel Valentin. “It is The Matrix meets Star Wars meets Sponge-Bob and an all around wacky fun roller coaster ride filled to the brim with easter-eggs and pop-culture moments.

ComicBooks for Kids and its sister site, ComicBooks for Troops are part of a national charity that provides pop culture items like comics, coloring books, graphic novels, and more to over 170 hospitals and cancer centers in the US. It supports hospitals in all 50 states. Any materials it gets that aren’t for kids are donated to the military.

“As soon as we talked to Gabriel and had the chance to read Digital Lizards of Doom, we knew we wanted to partner with this incredible creator,” said ComicBooks For Kids founder Mark Weiss. “This is the rare property that appeals to all ages. The story is captivating, the artistry is beautiful and both children and adults will enjoy it immensely. We can’t wait to get this into the hands of children and members of the armed services for incredible escapism and fun!

Digital Lizards of Doom features an introduction by Mike Towry, the co-founder of San Diego Comic Con. It’s currently available for pre-order through the official website.

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