Unexpected Avengers Assemble Against The King In Black In April’s ‘Avengers’ #45

by Tony Thornley

Until he joined the Avengers, Blade fought things that bump in the night. Since then though, he’s battled aliens, demons, frost giants and the fires of creation itself. In Avengers #45 he finds himself battling a vengeful god alongside unexpected allies…

Cover by Cory Smith

The King In Black has already overwhelmed the entire Marvel Universe, wiping out some of the mightiest heroes on Earth by the end of the event’s first issue. Now Blade might be one of the Avengers’ last hopes, as he leads a vampire army against Knull’s symbiote dragons. Series writer Jason Aaron is joined by up and coming artist Luca Maresca for a tie-in that promises to be crucial to both the event and to Blade’s future.

Pick up Avengers #45 in April and King In Black out now from Marvel Comics.

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