‘Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 24’ Announced For The UK

by Erik Amaya

Season 24 of Doctor Who‘s initial run is not its greatest season. Incoming script editor Andrew Cartmel‘s first order of business was hastily reworking its inaugural story away from Sixth Doctor Colin Baker‘s swan song to the debut of Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. Indeed, McCoy would have to sub in and play the Sixth Doctor during the regeneration scene as bad blood between Baker and the BBC at the time meant the actor would not return to hand off the role.

As such, Season 24 is a rebuilding year. But for fans of the Classic Who, it is a fascinating thing to see. Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 24 — or Doctor Who: Sylvester McCoy Complete Season One as it will be known in the US — is the latest release scheduled in the classic series Blu-ray range. As with the previous releases, it will feature all episodes of the 24th year with all the clarity Blu-ray technology can offer material shot primarily on PAL video tape. But if you’re a Doctor Who fan like me, its really the bonus material you buy these things for. The set is packed with new stuff like an hour-long discussion between McCoy and interviewer Matthew Sweet, a feature-length look at the challenge of Season 24, and a making-of documentary for “Delta and the Bannerman.” Usual features like Behind the Sofa return, although the trailer indicates C. Baker, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, and McCoy will be watching all of the season’s stories. Bonus materials from the older DVD releases will also be carried over; which includes a bevy of audio commentaries and making-ofs.

Curiously, the eight-disc set is not yet scheduled for release on either side of the Atlantic with the Amazon US landing page merely suggesting the set will come along in due time. I point this out because the previous scheduled Who box set, Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee Complete Season Two, has yet to be announced at all for a US release. Yes, I am salty about this.

Hopefully, all of these issues will be squared away and both upcoming sets will be available far and wide before too long.

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