Review: ‘American Ronin’ #4 Steps Forward And Back

by Benjamin Hall


Turning people into living weapons for corporations is common place. Yet can freedom still occur for one of these weapons?


Other than one repetition of a word letterer Sal Cipriano does a fantastic job. Cipriano even enhances the characterization and pacing with how he positions the text. Yet, some might find the reading order to be hard to follow in some places. Though this is due to the arrangement of the panels by artist ACO than Cipriano’s lettering ability. As for the colors colorist Dean White chooses hues that fall into the realms of surrealism and realism. Both types work fine, but the realistic colors quality ranges from believable to that of an animatic via computer.

American Ronin (2020) #4 cover by ACO

ACO provides a relatively okay cover design. The lack of real background allows the vehicle with bullets holes to pop out at potential buyers. Unfortunately the cover’s colors are still not as attractive as they could be. Arguably it is the type of green that is the problem. When it comes to the interiors ACO and inker David Lorenzo do a much better job. This is especially true when it comes to singling out details. They also do a commendable job with the look of certain textures arguably having a tactile feel to them.

Writer Peter Milligan does a good job with dialogue and plotting. However, Milligan does have three problems in his script. First is that there are two end points in this issue which negatively affects the pacing. The second is that some of the main character’s actions in this issue seems suspect from a logic standpoint. Lastly, I personally feel that Milligan relies too much on a negative stereotype for one character’s profession. Despite these problems the characterization is mostly okay and logical.

This issue’s narrative is overall entertaining. Yet, without the previous issues it is not strong enough to stand on its own merits. Meaning those waiting for this series to be put in a collection might have the right idea.

American Ronin #4 (2020-Present) is out now at comic stores and on

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