Review Round Up: Rewind And Catch Up With All This Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to our newest regular column, replacing ‘Pick of the Week’. Debuting today – ahead of our new look ‘Something for the Weekend’ next Saturday – ‘Review Round Up’ will be where you’ll be able to find ALL the reviews by our regular reviewers from the past week of new comic book releases.

Over the past few years we’ve build up quite the team, so why not show you what they’ve got, right? And rather than just give you three top titles, why not give you the chance at reading up a good deal more?

So, if we’ve reviewed one of your favourite comic book titles, why not see if you agree or disagree with our reviewer’s views? Wh knows, you may even discover your next favourite comic book here too?

As well as being one of two Senior Editors here at Comicon HQ, I love to review books I think I’m going to like. It might be seen as cherry picking, but like all our contributions, I love comics. So why wouldn’t I try and rave about them on this wonderful platform I have been blessed with? There’s enough keyboard warriors out there already bemoaning the death of the medium. Why add to the negativity, right? Or at least, that’s how I see it.

Some week’s are busier than others, but this past week I only managed to get to just the one title so far, Future State: Catwoman #1, which you can read here.

Our newest recruit, Scott Redmond reviewed both TMNT: Jennika II #3 here and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #113 here.

Comicon’s regular X-Men X-pert, Tony Thornley took a look at Cable #7 here from Marvel Comics.

And Benjamin Hall looked at two titles that came out this week. First up there was AWA Upshot’s American Ronin #4 here and then AfterShock’s Miskatonik #3 here.

Rachel Bellwoar, a regular contributor to ‘Pick of the Week,’ looked at BOOM! Studios’ Abbott: 1973 #1 here as well as Loot #1 here, which is to next Wednesday 27th January from Scout Comics.

And just like that, that’s it for our debut round up of comic book reviews. Were there any you liked? Or any review that may persuade you to buy a title you hadn’t considered, or heard about before? Show these creators your love by buying there books!

See you next weekend when we’ll bring you all the reviews for comic coming out Tuesday 26th January from DC Comics, and Wednesday 27th January from all other comic book publishers.

Have good one and stay safe.

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