A Revolting Development: Previewing ‘Marvel’ #4

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Alex Ross

Written by: Daniel Acuna, Hilary Barta, Steve Darnall, Doug Rice, Alex Ross
Art by: Sal Abbinanti, Daniel Acuna, Hilary Barta, Alex Ross

“As Doctor Strange continues to contend with the machinations of Nightmare in the framing story by Alex Ross and Steve Darnall, a bevy of other creators lend their talents to stories from all across the Marvel Universe: Daniel Acuña spins a saga of the Deviants in the world of the future; Doug Rice and Hilary Barta explore the earliest adventures of Doctor Droom during the time of the Marvel monsters; and Mark Waid and Lucio Parillo pit the Hulk against a fighting mad Wolverine in a brutal painted saga!”

Marvel #4 is out Wednesday 27th January from Marvel

Marvel Preview: Marvel #4Marvel Preview: Marvel #4Marvel Preview: Marvel #4Marvel Preview: Marvel #4

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