‘The Snoopy Show’ Trailer Reveals Charlie Brown & Snoopy’s First Meeting

by Erik Amaya

Snoopy Come Home fans watch out! The Snoopy Show appears to have a new origin for the famous beagle and his owner. Nevertheless, a show centered on Snoopy’s vivid imagination isn’t the worst idea, as the following trailer proves.

Of course, the other Peanuts characters are along for the ride and we have to credit production studio WildBrain for finding voices so reminiscent of the children who voiced Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, and Lucy Van Pelt over 40 years ago.

That nostalgia also has us wondering if there’s any sort of continuity when it comes to Peanuts projects. In Snoopy Come Home, Charlie Brown learned Snoopy previously belonged to a young girl Snoopy and Woodstock set off to visit when she gets sick. Like most of the Peanuts features, it’s kind of a downer despite ending on a positive note. It will be interesting to see if The Snoopy Show eschews the baked-in melancholy of the older Peanuts media for something less complicated. Depicting a new origin for the dog may be one indication that nothing — not even the Peanuts tone — is set in stone. Of course, with only three cartoons (seven minutes each), the impulse will likely be more lighthearted than pensive.

The Snoopy Show is set to debut February 5th on AppleTV+.

(h/t: Deadline)

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