Jay Lycurgo Joins ‘Titans’ As Tim Drake

by Erik Amaya

Titans is doing right by Tim Drake.

TVLine reports young actor Jay Lycurgo will play the third Robin in the upcoming third season of the HBO Max series. Created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick in 1989, although it would take some time for him to earn a place as Batman’s sidekick, he would soon become a popular character in fan circles. He was always presented as a keen detective; determining Batman and Robin’s identities because he recognized Dick Grayson’s distinctive acrobatics. That quality will be present in Titans version of Tim. He will also be “a streetwise kid who’s managed to grow up on the toughest streets without losing his indelible belief in heroism,” which isn’t far from his original depiction.

It also makes him a little bit more like Jason Todd. That character, played by Curran Walters on Titans, will shift to a villainous Red Hood persona in the upcoming season.

According to previous reports, the action moves the ersatz Titans to Gotham City, where Dick (Brenton Thwaites) must deal with the Red Hood and old flame Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch). Meanwhile, Kori (Anna Diop) will face her sister, Blackfire (Damaris Lewis), and we’re going to assume Raven (Teagan Croft) will learn more about her powers as she assists in the resurrection of Donna Troy (Conor Leslie).

Titans‘ third season will arrive on HBO Max sometime in the near future.

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