Who Will Be Joining Madman On The Cover Of ‘Crossover’ #4 From Cates And Company?

by Olly MacNamee

Things are hotting up over on Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe, and John J. Hill’s Crossover from Image Comics. You may not yet have seen the big reveal at the end of the most recent issue, but today’s news of another super secret comic book character accompanying Mike Allred’s Madman on the cover of Crossover #4 kinda spoils it. Sorry.

Cover by Mike Allred

“In keeping with Crossover’s reputation for surprise cameos from beloved comic book icons, the final cover will remain a secret until the day it goes on sale. Eager fans will just have to be sure to pre-order copies of Crossover #4 with their local comics shop and then await for the surprise of who will join Madman and The Paybacks in this upcoming installment of one of the hottest, buzziest series in stores.”

As for the issue’s plot line? Which may be the real reason people are picking up this book, and not just for a novelty cover, there’s this summary:

“In Crossover #4, Ellie, Ryan, Otto and the mysterious Ava delve deeper into the mystery behind The Event on their fateful journey to the dome and the epicenter of the greatest crossover in comics history!”

As for who might be on the cover? Let the guessing games begin!

Crossover #4 will be available on Wednesday, February 24.

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