A More Democratic Krakoa: Your #XMenVote Voter’s Guide

by Tony Thornley

Early Wednesday morning, voting began for the first official X-Men team of the Krakoan era. Now Comicon.com brings you our official voter’s guide to the candidates and why you should or shouldn’t vote for them!

First of all, to cast your vote, check out https://www.marvel.com/characters/x-men-vote until Tuesday, February 2, at 11:59PM EST. Vote for one of ten options there, with the winner being revealed in the June issue of X-Men at the Hellfire Gala (a story that’s sure to be momentous in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men master plan).

So who are the candidates, and why should you vote for them?


Hisako Ichiki is perhaps the most prominent member of her generation of young mutants. With the ability to generate a semi-transparent forcefield in the shape of a massive suit of armor, she’s also a bruiser that can go toe to toe with some of the X-Men’s greatest foes. She most recently appeared in SWORD as a supporting character, but she’s definitely a character who could use the spotlight.


Sean Cassidy is one of the X-Men’s best b-listers. After spending most of his existence as a supporting character and part-time member, he became the headmaster of Generation X, cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with. His sonic scream is a versatile power, and he’s been out of the spotlight for years, thanks to his murder and half-failed resurrection. Added plus, he’s the longtime true love of Moira X, whose role in the Krakoan era has still been in the shadows.


Look, Tabitha Smith should be a bigger deal than she is. She’s street smart, a bit of a stereotypical blonde, but funny as hell. Her explosive powers would be a huge asset in the field, and her personality would bring a youthful spark to a team that’s sure to be stacked with… let’s call them less dynamic personalities. It’s time that Boom Boom reached the big leagues.


Sam Guthrie is a fan favorite, a long time leader of the New Mutants and X-Force, and a stalwart X-Man. Frankly, he’s great and would be a welcome addition to the team. However, he’s been a member of the main squad of X-Men for longer than pretty much every other candidate. We’d love to see him win, but almost everyone else would be way more interesting.


Forge is a lot like Banshee- he’s been a supporting character for a very long time. He’s incredibly interesting, and he’s full of charm. As seen in X-Force recently, Krakoa’s organic technology has really made him come into his own as well. The downside to Forge winning is that he’d probably appear in X-Force less, and who would want to do that to Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara?


The former Morlock also known as Sarah is one of the two most interesting possibilities on the list. Marrow was actually a stalwart member of the X-Men for about 3 years, evolving from an angry wildcard to a reliable if unpredictable member of the team. Then when Chris Claremont returned to X-Men, she was removed from the team off panel and has barely been seen since, outside of Si Spurrier’s volume of X-Force several years ago. She’s actually the longest-served member of the X-Men who’s never returned to the team. She deserves a spotlight again, especially to see how she’s changed since she left.


The Comicon.com team loves Polaris. She’s one of the best female X-Men without a doubt. She’s also been written poorly for most of her existence. However, Leah Williams is currently writing her better than she’s been written her entire existence in X-Factor and deserves to continue what she started. She’s also the only character on the list who’s a lead in another current book. Don’t vote for Polaris, for her sake.


Guido Carosella is a longtime stalwart of X-Men spinoff teams, but was only ever a member of the main team in an aborted storyline that didn’t get beyond concept art by Jim Lee. Guido is a great character and has gone through a rough decade. He’d be a great addition, but also there are more interesting choices here. Plus, we think we’d rather see him in a book like X-Factor or Marauders.


Look, a lot of what we said about Cannonball applies to Roberto DaCosta as well. The only difference is that he hasn’t served in the core X-Men team. He would be a great addition, and Jonathan Hickman writes him extremely well. Frankly though, we know he’s going to show up in X-Men if he’s a member of the team or not, so don’t throw away your vote.


NO ONE was expecting Heather Tucker of all people to be a choice in this vote. Frankly though, she’s one of the best candidates. She’s largely a blank slate. She has interesting powers (time manipulation, a Hickman favorite). She’s young. She needs a bit of redemption. And she’s a key factor in the best booze on Krakoa (or so I hear, I don’t drink). If you’re completely undecided, you should take a serious look at Tempo.

So who do we endorse? That’s tricky.

If you’re looking for a classic X-Man, vote Banshee.

If you’re looking for something familiar but off the beaten path, vote Marrow.

If you want a dark horse, vote Tempo.

But seriously, as much as we love her, just don’t vote for Polaris. She deserves to stay put.

Until June then, to me, my X-Men!

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