Image Comics’ ‘Killadelphia’ #12 And ‘Ran Like Hammers’ #1 Get Second Printings

by Olly MacNamee

Both Killadelphia #12 and Ran Like Hammers #1 have sold out at distribution level, so they’re both getting additional print runs to keep up with demand.

Written by Rodney Barnes Killadelphia #12 by and illustrated by artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn) Killadelphia #12 gave readers a hair-rating conclusion to the recent story-arc and weighed in at 40 pages. The issue also includes part five of the horrifying werewolf back-up story ‘Elysium Gardens,’ with art contribution by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz!

Meanwhile, Brandon Graham’s kooky sci-fi comic, Ran Like Hammers #1 is also getting s second printing too.

Here’s a recap of the plot:

“Eugene is a new inhabitant of Elephant, a walking city on the desert world of Crown Majesty. Far from friends and family, he spends most of his time navigating melancholy daydreams, toying with alien technology, and researching the best places to find high-quality fast food. At best, his life is lonely and monotonous—but all of that changes when a mysterious force begins destroying Crown Majesty’s walking cities! Readers won’t want to miss out on the next chapter of the hi-fi, sci-fi mystery—Ran Like Hammers.”

Both second printings will be dropping on Wednesday 24th February from Image Comics.

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