Review: ‘Colonel Weird: Cosmagog’ #4 Is Beautifully Tragic, Yet Hopeful

by James Ferguson


Colonel Weird finds what he was missing and it’s a game-changer. As he bounces between one tragic moment from his life to another, he may have found the piece that will set him back on track in this gorgeously illustrated comic.


Colonel Weird bounces through time and space, reliving various points of his life and all of them are tragic. This goes from his childhood to his first steps into the Para-Zone to his encounter with the Anti-God. He’s missing something and at long last, he’s figured out what it is. It’s the key to everything and can finally break this cycle.

Although Colonel Weird: Cosmagog jumps between scenes and time periods frequently, it has a sequential flow to it. Weird is the constant and we’re following him along so it’s very clear. For the longest time, this character was the kooky sci-fi hero in the Black Hammer Universe. This issue shows what really shattered his mind. It wasn’t just one thing. It was several added together to send him off the deep end.

This chapter shows some integral moments in Weird’s life. What stands out the most are the heartbreaking final moments with Eve and the epic fight with the Anti-God, both captured perfectly by artist Tyler Crook. You can see the pain and anguish on Weird’s face as he witnesses these shocking events. The Anti-God battle is particularly interesting as I don’t think we’ve seen this part of the encounter before. This is the actual moment that Weird and Madame Dragonfly sent the other heroes to the Black Hammer Farm.

Crook turns in some dynamite work in this issue, especially in this sequence. The book seems to warp and turn around Weird, like the fabric of reality is being folded upon him. The panels turn and twist, disappearing and then coming back into some semblance of order. It’s a gorgeous scene.

After all the heartbreak that Weird has gone through in his life, it’s great to see him get a happy ending and a new beginning here. The realization he comes to in this chapter is a game-changer for him. Writer Jeff Lemire ties together some loose threads in the overall Black Hammer Universe and it’s pitch perfect.

Crook provides a new perspective on some scenes we saw play out earlier. Now that Weird has figured this out, those images take on a different meaning. It’s powerful. Weird’s entire demeanor changes too. He no longer has those sad, lost eyes. Instead, they’re filled with hope and happiness, albeit still weathered by all the pain he’s felt over the years.

The Black Hammer titles are consistently great comics so it’s tough to choose a favorite, but Colonel Weird: Cosmagog is definitely at the top of my list. This is a beautifully tragic book that shows you can have hope in even the darkest moments. Moreover, this is something anyone can pick up and enjoy. You don’t need to have read anything else before this to understand and appreciate what Weird is going through.

Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #4 from Dark Horse Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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