Luthor Über Alles: ‘Future State: Superman Vs Imperious Lex’ #1 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


Luthor cons a whole planet into believing he is their saviour and now he wants in on the United Planets. But, Lois Lane isn’t convinced he wants in on the council for the right reasons. Superman confronts Luthor, as he has done so many time before, but this time with a statical streak running though the whole plot that will have you smile at Luthor’s pomposity and pimp-inspired wardrobe.


Fresh back from their trip to Billionaire Island, Mark Russell and Steve Pugh land on more familiar ground with Future State: Superman Vs Imperious Lex #1. But instead of an island, this billionaire has a whole planet to make use of as his own personal playground. 

Lexor is a planet many ardent fans of Superman will be familiar with. A planet upon which Lex Luthor is lord and master über alles and the planet’s denizens treat him as their hero and venerable saviour. Of course, you can imagine the effects of such adulation on a man with such a raging ego. But, it would seem, even the blind love of a whole planet is not enough and Luthor is seeking membership of the United Planets in the near-future. A future in which we meet and older, greyer Superman and Lois Lane, with the latter now a leading light on the UP council and very reticent to give Luthor her vote. 

Lexor is a world which mirrors our own. A world in rapacious business practices including exploitation of the workforce and resource acquisitions which are conveniently covered up with effective state-controlled mass media bringing fake news to the masses. And all controlled by one man. It’s not long before Lex Luthor and the Man of Steel are going toe-to-toe, with a return of the classic green and purple war suit Luthor first wore in another adventure set on Lexor way, way back in Action Comics #544 (1983). 

Luthor is presented in as a narcissistic and exaggerated captain of industry and tin-pot Caesar  who always gets what he wants on Lexor. His insistence on wearing a mask to cover his aged and decrepit face is the most obvious example of his larger-than-life ego, but it’s not too far removed from reality either.

Russell has great fun in writing Luthor, while Pugh once again gloriously embraces the ridiculous excess of the wealthy. Luthor may want the statu, but money certainly ca’t buy taste. His is more in line with Donald Trump than Anna Wintour. It’s a gaudy, pimped-out style that adds to the zest of Russell’s stinging satirical superhero story. This is a MAD Magazine strip under the guise of superheroism, with some great throwaway lines by periphery characters who often appear in just one panel, but leave a last laugh.

Another playful parody and a great inclusion in this DC Future State experiment. Its goof to see that the future of the DCU isn’t all doom and gloom. Although there is a lot of that too.

Future State: Superman Vs Imperious Lex #1 is out now from DC Comics

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