Preview: Desperate Souls Seek Solace In ‘The Crossroads At Midnight’ OGN

by Brendan M. Allen

Iron Circus Comics released a preview of The Crossroads At Midnight, an upcoming young adult graphic novel written and illustrated by Abby Howard. The collection of five horror stories explores what happens when desperate souls seek solace in the unnatural, and what may be waiting for them betwixt and between.

‘An old woman living alone on the edge of a bog gets an unexpected—and unsettling—visitor, throwing her quiet life into a long-buried mystery. An isolated backwoods family stumbles into good fortune for a time with a monstrous discovery in the lake behind their house, but that time is running short. And a misfit little girl, struggling to make friends, meets an understanding soul one day at the beach: but why will he only play with her alone at night?

All these lonely souls—and more—have reached out into the darkness, not knowing what they might find. Around the dark edges of reality lurk unknown beings with unknowable intentions—ordinary objects can become cursed possessions, entities who seem like friends can become monstrous, and those who seem monstrous can become the truest companions. In this collection of evocative, unnerving slice-of-life horror, five stories explore what happens when one is desperate enough to seek solace in the unnatural, and what might be waiting for us at the Crossroads At Midnight.’

The Crossroads At Midnight hits shelves February 23, 2021. Check out the preview pages below.

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