‘Wolverine’ #9 Embraces The Past In All The Right Ways

by Tony Thornley

Wolverine’s stories exploring his past have been a dime a dozen. However, none of them have truly dived deep in the way Wolverine #9 has.

This issue isn’t just a standard exploration of the terrible things Logan has done, or his guilt over them. This is an exploration of mental health and coping, through an action movie lens. It comes to us by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Frank Martin, and Cory Petit.

Logan has infiltrated the Legacy House, the home of the black market auction for Marvel Universe billionaires. On the docket is a Goblin Glider, the cowl Captain America was frozen in and the severed hand of Wolverine himself. However, all that pales in comparison to the big ticket item- the mind-wiped assassin and Logan’s oldest friend- MAVERICK!

Percy takes what at this point is well worn territory and does a spin on it that feels so fresh that I want to see more. By forging the human connection between Logan and Maverick, we have something to latch onto. It builds directly into the auction, which is a standard set-up, but Percy has fun with. There’s all sorts of winks of spy fiction, and hand-in-hand with Kubert, he fills those pages with detail that demands a second reading. It’s easily Percy’s best issue so far, and I hope we’re just headed upwards from here.

Meanwhile, Kubert is doing career best work here. From his hybrid splash page/16 panel grid flashback pages, to a stunning two page spread that uses the page fold as the horizon line, he’s turning in innovative work, even thirty years into his comics career. Martin uses a muted palette the entire issue, stepping back to emphasize and enhance the line art. It’s one of the best looking issues Marvel has produced in the last year, without a doubt.

Best of all, this issue made me like Maverick for the first time ever. So hey, it’s a win all around.

Wolverine #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.


A solid, entertaining story is elevated by absolutely stunning art.

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