Experience Mixed Emotions With Psycho-Man and Super-Skrull in ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

February just began which means another update to Marvel Contest of Champions. Johnny Strom notices that many heroes are acting very peculiar and there are more robots and super-scientists around than usual recently. Who’s responsible for all the changed personalities?

This month, Psycho-Man will be available in the popular mobile brawler. Could his ability to manipulate people’s feelings be the cause of everyone acting strangely? Find out when you play the new event, “Mixed Emotions”. Joining the super-villain as a playable character this month is his captive, Super-Skrull. Below are both of their character bios.

“Psycho-Man is a genius scientist and ruler of a technocratic system of worlds in the Microverse. Obsessed with conquering the normal-sized universe, he crafted a mechanical exoskeleton so he could interact with things not on a microscopic scale. He carries with him the Control Box, a device capable of creating and controlling the emotions of anyone he chooses, especially feelings of Hate, Fear, and Doubt.

K’Lrt was a highly decorated soldier of the Super-Skrull Empire. But when the Super-Skrull invasion of Earth was thwarted by the Fantastic Four, he was made into Super-Skrull. The first and the greatest of the Super-Skrulls, he was imbued with all the powers of the Fantastic Four. When charged by cosmic power beamed directly into his body from the Super-Skrull homeworld, he becomes even more powerful than those whose powers he mimics. Nothing can stop him, and he shall make the Earth pay for what it has done to his people!”

How are Psycho-Man and Super-Skrull linked? Watch the latest motion comic to see the beginning of their story.

Information on bug fixes, balance updates, Valentine’s events, Lunar New Year quest and more can be found HERE.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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