Kevin Feige Doubts There Is “Any Reason” For A MCU/Star Wars Crossover

by Erik Amaya

For the moment, the emerging Marvel Cinematic Multiverse will not feature a reality with a galaxy far, far away.

While chatting with Yahoo! Entertainment about WandaVision, the boss of Marvel Studios was asked about the possibility of merging Star Wars with the MCU. Both are owned by Disney and Marvel has a long association with the brand, publishing Star Wars comics in the late 1970s through the ’80s, and again since 2015 (Dark Horse published Star Wars comics in the interim). And though the success of the MCU’s crossover-heavy story engine has proved any number of things are possible, Feige said “I really don’t think so” to the notion.

“I don’t think there’s any reason for it,” he added.

It is a fair assessment for both practical and story reasons. On the practical side, Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios are, essentially, independent from each other despite both existing under the umbrella of the Walt Disney Studio. Creative control can be handed to one division or the other, but not without a number of key creative staff leaving in the fallout. Hashing out a plan for a crossover film without setting fire to either Marvel or Lucasfilm is also possible, but with both charting theatrical and streaming content plans out for the next decade, finding the time to do so would be tough.

Then there’s the story considerations. Who could meet up with the Skywalkers or the Mandalorian? Ageless characters like Thanos, Asgardians, or the Celestials could work, but would it benefit the overall momentum of Marvel? A compelling reason to crossover besides “because we can” would be the primary requirement to develop such a project.

Of course, anything is possible while both properties are owned by The Walt Disney Company. In the interim, Feige is set to produce a Star Wars film and the MCU’s new phase appears to be putting the narrative mechanics in place to include just about any character Disney owns in the MCU. Just don’t expect Luke Skywalker to show up in WandaVision, even if that series is reportedly going to feature a character meeting of that magnitude.

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