Art For Art’s Sake #90 – The Biz-ness Of Comic Art

by Richard Bruton

Time once more to pull up a chair and chill for a moment, shut out the world, relax… and just enjoy the comic art – it’s Art For Art’s Sake and we have some pretty pictures for you…

Joe Quinones – Black Widow

Garry Brown – Constantine

Moebius – John Glenn

John Allison – Transformers

Matthew Woodson – Johnny Quest

Kevin Wada – Kitty Pryde – hipper than your older sister

Michael Cho

Mick McMahon – Last American ad

Mike Maihack – Supergirl commission

Punch Drunk Love poster by Jordan Crane

Rick Veitch – Jimi Hendrix

Charles Vess – Spider-Man and Black Cat

Tiernen Trevallion – commission

Ultimate Spider-Man universe by David Lafuente

Hellboy – Vlad Legostaev and Bill Crabtree

And now, to end this week…

A lil bit of Simon Bisley from the 90s in Judge Dredd Megazine, later reprinted in the Heavy Metal Dredd collection (2007).

Mega-City Primer by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Bisley from Judge Dredd Megazine 1.14

Here’s Bimba by Wagner, Grant, and Bisley from Judge Dredd Megazine 3.17

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