Embracer Group Acquires Three New Studios: Gearbox, Aspyr Media, and Easybrain

by Sage Ashford

Through a mix of mergers and acquisitions, Embracer Group has picked up another three development and publishing studios — including Gearbox Entertainment, developers of the Borderlands franchise. Announced in three separate blog posts, the company, formerly known as THQ Nordic, acquired Aspyr Media through their Saber Interactive company, and merged with both Gearbox and Easybrain Limited.

Aspyr Media, acquired for a day one purchase price of $100 million dollars, has been an independent studio since 1996 with most of their work going towards porting games of major franchises onto MacOS. Currently, Aspyr is working on a new project budgeted at $70 million that will employ over 200 developers both internally and externally.

Embracer also merged with Easybrain Limited for a day one purchase price of $640 million, with Easybrain becoming the company’s eighth arm of development. They are known for titles like Nonogram, Blockudoku, Pixel Art, recent titles like Art Puzzle and Killer Sudoku, and Nonogram.com Color.

Finally, there’s Gearbox Entertainment. Perhaps the most well-known of the companies joining Embracer, Gearbox is best known for their Borderlands franchise, though they’ve also developed projects like Brothers in Arms and Homeworld. Controversial CEO Randy Pitchford will continue at the company and give Embracer a North American arm.

This brings Embracer up to nearly sixty different studios across eight different groups, making them one of the largest game publishing companies in the world.

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