Get A Glimpse Of Peach Momoko’s ‘Demon Days: X-Men’ In New Trailer

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Peach Momoko is one of the most in-demand artists of the moment. She’s giving the entire Marvel Universe a makeover in her first major American comics project, .

In anticipation of the launch of Demon Days: X-Men on March 4th, Marvel released a new trailer for the one-shot written and drawn by Momoko. It gives readers the biggest glimpse yet of this reimagined universe. There’s glimpses here of Psylocke, Juggernaut, Venom and more. The story promises to be full of surprises as it blends fan-favorite heroes with Japanese folklore and legends.

“The entire series takes place in Japan,” Momoko told “I will be introducing numerous Marvel characters in a brand-new format. So, I would like everyone to forget about what they are supposed to be in the real Marvel universe. My characters aren’t super heroes. Some are samurai, some are oni and other yōkai, some are shamans, some are yojimbos… and many others. I pushed a lot of boundaries with all the characters. I hope everyone enjoys the different versions that I created.”

You may already be a fan of Momoko’s fantastic variant covers. Now get a glimpse of a different side of her work, which judging from the trailer is going to be a hell of a ride. This one shot will the be first of a 5 part quarterly saga, covering the entire unique universe.

Demon Days: X-Men will be on sale March 4 from Marvel Comics.

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