Preview: Katja Klengel’s Autobiographical Coming-Of-Age OGN ‘Girlsplaining’

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios reveals another look at the original graphic novel Girlsplaining: A (Sorta) Memoir, releasing under their Archaia imprint in Spring 2021. The book tackles subjects and experiences that shaped cartoonist Katja Klengel’s life. From body shaming to the exploration of her sexuality, and from the representation of women in the media to the social pressure on women who don’t have children. 

‘Why do we fear the word “vulva” so much? Do we really have to be ashamed of our body hair? Why do gender roles in children’s toys seem to be stuck in the ‘50s? With a healthy sense of humor, an open heart, and unsparing candor, Klengel looks back on her childhood through the lens of the popular culture that shaped her identity and examines what being a woman today means to her (and really, a whole lot of us!).’

Girlsplaining: A (Sorta) Memoir is set to hit comic book store shelves on March 3, 2021. Check out the preview pages below.

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