Review Round Up: This Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

Rounding up all the comic book reviews for new comics that came out this past week. Of course, you’ll catch a good few more reviews to come after the weekend, as well as the odd advance review too, but stick around now you’re here and check out what our reviewers thought about the most recent new releases.

I got to review Future State: Wonder Woman #2 here and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t as good as the debut issue. Still worth picking up though, especially for the Joëlle Jones art. Plus, I took a look at Future State: Swamp Thing #2 here. And, I must say, if this two-parter is a sign of things to come for Ram V and Mike Perkins ongoing Swamp Thing series, I can’t wait to see what they do.

Tony Thornley cast his discerning eye over Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #2 here as well as giving his thoughts on X-Factor #7 here too while Rachel Bellwoar looked at They Fell From the Sky #1 here.

Fellow Senior Editor, James Ferguson, took time out to review The Bridgebuilder’s Creed here, currently looking to crowdfunding on Kickstarter here and doing very well after just a few days.

As a weekend column rounding up reviews for new comic books, it does mean that any reviews posted after the weekend get left out. And that’s a LOT! As you shall see below.

I myself took a look at Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1 here, Fantastic Four #28 here and The Other History of the DC Universe #2 here too. See what I mean by missing out so many reviews by posting only at the weekend. Hmmm, it would seem we need a mid-week post too, if this extensive list of reviews is anything to go by. And, as a Senior Editor, I know it usually is.

Just look at all the other reviews that came out this week for comics from the week before…

Tony Thornley reviewed Future State: Batman/Superman #1 here and Wolverine #9 here.

Brendan M Allen posted reviews for IDW’s Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler’s Run #2 here and Scout Comics’ Sweet Downfall #1 here.

Sticking with indie comic books, James Ferguson looked at ComiXology’s Stargazer #5 here while Scott Redmond reviewed Teenage Mutant Turtles: Jennika II #4 here and Benjamin Hall looked at Transformers: Beast Wars #1 here, both available from IDW.

That’s quite the collection of comic book reviews. Any in there that you’re collecting? If so, do you agree with our review team?

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