An Alien In New York: ‘Vampirella’ #17 Extended Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Once again we’ll be bringing you more extended previews of all the Dynamite Comics’ titles coming out this week, starting with a look at Vampirella #17 below and following that up with extended previews for Red Sonja: Valentine’s Day Special 2021, Dejah Thoris #10 and Red Sonja: The Superpowers #2. 

Cover by Lucio Parrillo (A)

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Ergün Gündüz, Szymon Kudranski

“‘1969’ – As Vampirella searches for a way to return to Drakulon in order to save her mother, she reflects on her first days on Earth as a newly arrived extraterrestrial lost in a bustling New York City, where she becomes the target of predators both human and supernatural, and finds her first friend – a mysterious young woman who can transform herself into a Panther.”

Cover by Giovanni Timpano (B)
Cover by Vitali Iakovlev (C)
Cover by Ergün Gündüz (D)
Marissa Ramirez Cosplay Variant (E,



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