Hero Collector Launches ‘The Marvel Museum Collection’ Of Mini-Prop Collectibles

by Olly MacNamee

Hero Collector, known for their design of fan-favourite collectibles, are launching a new line of mini Marvel movie props to collect exclusive to Walmart called The Marvel Museum Collection.

Each polyresin model will feature one of the MCU’s most iconic weapons, masks, and gadgets standing 6-8 inches tall, atop a stand and comes in a fetching windowed box, if you want to keep them box-fresh when displaying each one.

The first wave in the Marvel Museum Collection features:

  • Iron Man Mark VII Helmet, Tony Stark’s iconic red-and-gold helm! The Mark VII Iron Man suit was deployed at the climax of The Avengers, to fight back alien invaders in The Battle for New York. 
  • The Infinity Gauntlet, complete with all six Infinity Stones – almighty gems that can harness aspects of reality itself! Forged by the dwarf king Eitri, this golden glove was wielded by Thanos as a tool of his mad ambitions.
  • Captain America’s Shield, a star-spangled disc of indestructible vibranium. Created in World War 2 by Howard Stark, Steve Rogers’ signature armament survived into the modern day, protecting Cap from bullets, lasers, and worse!
  • Mjølnir, the enchanted hammer of the God of Thunder! Thor’s faithful weapon was crafted from Uru metal, and returns to his hand when called – a trait that came in handy when the Hulk rampaged through the helicarrier.
  • Black Panther’s Mask, the sacred visage of Wakanda’s protector. The Panther Habit is a vibranium-weave suit worn by countless Black Panthers, and King T’Challa’s received a serious upgrade from his sister, Shuri.

Following on from their initial launch at Walmart this May The Marvel Museum Collection will be available in specialty retailers and the Eaglemoss online store. suggesting fans overseas, such as myself here in the UK, will also be able to get their hands on their favourite props from their favourite Marvel movie.

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