Magnetic Press Kickstarts Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Monolith’ With Early Access Rewards

by Olly MacNamee

The official Kickstarter campaign for Magnetic Press’s new sci-fi thriller graphic novel, Monolith, by writer Roberto Recchioni and painted throughout by artist LRNZ. But, we’re informing you of a chance to get one early and secure an exclusive print of this cinematic, psychological thriller if you pre-register before the Kickstarter launch date, Tuesday, February 9th at 10am (CST).

For more on this new graphic novel described as “Black Mirror meets Breakdown“, plus a very good look at the art, do check out the Monolith pre-launch page here and register your interest.

Now, not only do we have a rundown of the plot, but we also have a first look at interior art pages too. If these pages won’t persuade you to back this campaign, I don’t know what will.

Sandra is a young mother still adjusting to the responsibilities of parenthood after a life filled with bad decisions. The most responsible decision she has made is to drive the safest car ever built, the Monolith, to protect her infant son, David, from her own accident-prone nature. During a trek across the desert to visit her husband in LA, they are stopped in the middle of the night by a collision with a deer. Checking on the damage, she accidentally locks herself out of the car, with David trapped inside. Now, isolated from civilization, she must save her son from a car designed to be an indestructible vault on wheels. The sun is rising, heating the car’s interior, and time is running out!”

So, that’s enough from me and I’ll let the preview of this new graphic novel do the talking instead. Here’s the first 20 pages of this 180 page graphic novel to enjoy:

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