Alan Roberts Unleashed: ‘The Beauty Of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame Coloring Book’ From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Adult colouring books are big business. And I can imagine this pandemic has only helped keep business brisk. With so many to chose from, there’s one for all tastes and Alan Roberts newest one most definitely appeals to mine.

Robert – bassist with metal band Life of Agony – releases his fifth colouring through IDW this September. The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame Coloring Book promises once again to plunge a sharp knife into the very heart of pop culture. Something Roberts is more than happy to talk about it:

“It’s like a twisted wax museum filled with all of my favorite pop culture stars. Similar to how Ghouliana took on horror icons in the last book, this time she tackles rock royalty, sports heroes, and famous faces from TV and film. It’s a bizarre mashup that’s equally horrific as it is hilarious. I really can’t wait to see what coloring fans do with these freaky designs!”

“Join the terrifying tyke Ghouliana and her merrily-macabre squad of walking horrors as they spend their 15 minutes with the most famous celebrities to ever brighten our cultural landscape. While coloring the 80 pages of detailed, hand-drawn designs, be sure to help the fan-favorite fiend find all the ghastly memorabilia and easter eggs hidden throughout. The Beauty of Horror 5: Haunt of Fame is presented in the original size and double-sided format that fans love.”

80 pages of all new ghoulish black and white artwork colour in any way you want and out on Wednesday 7th September from IDW.

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