Big Boy And His Toys: Previewing ‘Scarenthood’ #4

by Olly MacNamee

Written and illustrated by Nic Roche

Colour art by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Shawn Lee

“The Big Boy has tipped ALL the toys out, and the Grown-Ups don’t know how to clean them up.

There are revelations about Flynno’s brother, the ‘Mother Of One’, and Father Sinnott; can they be connected? And it’s a race against time for Cormac to catch Scooper’s School Play – but stage-fright is the least of her problems….

Nick Roche (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Transformers Wreckers Saga) and Chris O’ Halloran (Ice Cream Man, Folklords) tidy away most of the mess in this final issue.”

Scarenthood #4 is out today from IDW and catch up with our coverage of the series so far (although this is the last issue of this run) here.

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