Mark Bagley Illustrates ‘Heroes Reborn’ Trading Card Covers

by James Ferguson

This May we’ll experience a version of the Marvel Universe without the Avengers in Heroes Reborn. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness show us what happens when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes never assembled and the Squadron Supreme to their place as the world’s greatest super heroes. To celebrate the series, Marvel Comics has revealed a line of trading card variant covers by artist Mark Bagley.

The variants will feature all of the major players of the upcoming series including Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Whizzer, and Blade, all modeled after 90s style trading cards. Those cards in the 90s were my gateway into comics so I’m all for this. To make things even better, the covers connect to form one large image.

“Man, THIS was fun! I got to draw a BUNCH of characters for the first time, which doesn’t happen very often after all these years of drawing comics,” Bagley said. “I was just a kid comics fan when the Squadron was created, and I remember loving John and Sal Buscema’s art at the time. Even then, I aspired to do what they were doing, so it was a thrill doing this, and I’m proud to have been offered the opportunity.”

But that’s not all! You think Marvel’s going to do some trading card variants and call it a day? Nope! The artwork from these covers will also be featured on actual trading cards available at participating comic shops while supplies last. Each one will be packed with essential information on the main heroes and villains of Heroes Reborn. Retailers can order these packs and begin distributing them when Heroes Reborn #1 drops on May 5th, 2021.


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