‘Avengers: Curse Of The Man-Thing’ Gets A Gleason Webhead Variant

by Tony Thornley

Patrick Gleason’s Amazing Spider-Man #55 cover has quickly become iconic. Now the publisher has commissioned the artist for more, this time featuring an iconic muck monster.

First, we got to see Gleason’s goopy take on Carnage for March’s Carnage: Black, White, & Blood #1. Now, he creates a vision of Marvel’s most iconic monster, just in time for the Man-Thing’s fiftieth anniversary celebration in Steve Orlando’s Curse of the Man-Thing event.

Look close to find Gleason’s signature skull icon hidden in the cover

In the event, kicking off with March’s Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing by Orlando and Francesco Mobili, a new villain called Harrower steals the Man-Thing’s fear based powers. Now the being once known as Ted Sallis needs the help of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, including the Avengers, the Spider-Men and the X-Men, to stop her.

Pick up Curse of the Man-Thing when it starts in March, and be sure to watch for Gleason’s incredible, spooky cover when you do.

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