Paul Bettany Suggests ‘WandaVision’ Will Have A Satisfying Answer In New Featurette

by Erik Amaya

As though WandaVision needed any extra hype — people stay up well past their bedtimes to see the new episodes — Disney+ released a short featurette on Thursday with star Paul Bettany suggesting the series will be quite satisfying when viewers learn the real nature of Vision and Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) situation.

And considering how often we’ve seen the Mind Stone shatter in these promo videos, we have to wonder if Wanda will have to react that scene from Avengers: Infinity War to solve what ever is happening. Our theory? Wanda has created Westview in an attempt to forestall her grief about Vision’s death (and her part in in it). Indeed, it is possible she never grieved for Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Avengers: Age of Ultron) either, which would be consistent for someone who experiences so much trauma at a young age and was then conditioned by Hydra to do certain things.

Indeed, her powers are derived from the Mind Stone and that may be enough to keep some part of Vision alive. But the power level required to either cut Westview off from the rest of the world, create it from whole cloth, or pluck it from another universe is unlike anything MCU Wanda has done before. If she is behind the anomaly, then a good question to ask is “how is she doing it?” We hope the reason for Wanda’s super-charged powers prove as compelling as the show’s use of classic family sitcoms — a conceit we also hope pays off in an interesting way. Did she watch all these shows to lose her Sokovian accent or did Hydra maker her watch them for their own obscure reasons?

WandaVision streams Fridays on Disney+

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