Titan Comics Offer Up A First Look At ‘Doctor Who: Missy’ #1, Celebrating 50 Years Of Time Travelling Villainy

by Olly MacNamee

We live in a funny old world when we celebrate our villains so readily. But the  there aren’t many that are as memorable as Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis and fellow Time Lord, the Master who turns 50 this year. And to mark this anniversary Titan Comics have given us a first look at Doctor Who: Missy #1 by writer Jody Houser, artist Roberta Ingranata and colourist Enrica Angiolini.

Looking at these interior art pages, there will be more than the odd familiar face. Is that the third Doctor I see, as well as the Master as he originally appeared in the Doctor Who TV show from 1971? I think it is!

“Missy wages war on the Doctor, but this time she’s not alone! Can the combined brilliance of the Third and Twelfth Doctor avert her deadly scheme, or will she get her hands on a secret weapon capable of wreaking havoc on the universe? This special story, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first appearance, will feature more Doctors and Masters than ever before”.

Look out for the first issue in a. four-susie mini-series Wednesday April 14th from Titan Comics. Ad check out the variant covers we posted previously here.

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