ICE-Cast Live: Talking With ‘Old Haunts’ Creators Ollie Masters And Rob Williams

by Olly MacNamee

ICE-Cast is certainly something fo a DIY affair, I must admit. But we still manage to get some great guest and this week’s latest edition was no different. I sat down with fellow host, Shane Chebsey (eventually) and Sam Morgan to discuss Old Haunts from AWA Uphots with co-writers Ollie Masters and Rob Williams.

As ever it was friendly chat with some great insight from the two writers who spent a good deal the hour gently ribbing each other. Although we all jump in on artist Laurence Campbell who has some major tech issues that prevented him from joining in.

We may be new, we may be slap dash, but I do feel we always have a good laugh with our mates. And that’s good enough for me.

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