Extended Preview: The Hand Behind The Horror Is Revealed In ‘DIE!namite’ #5

by Olly MacNamee

Monday morning here on Comicon is THE place to be for all your Dynamite extended previews. And today we bring you a look at all the new comics dropping this Wednesday as well as a preview of Lucio Parrillo’s newest art book. An artist who has made Dynamite his home for quite some time now with his stunning painted covers. Like the ones below included in our first preview of the day, DIE!namite #5. Although, I will warn you, this preview does contain spoilers for this grand finale. A BIG spoiler!

Don’t say you weren’t warned when you find out who’s behind the zombie plague that gripped the heroes of the Dynamite Universe for almost half a year now.


DIE!namite #5

Written by Fred Van Lente

Art by Vincenzo Carratù, Vincnezo Federici

“It all comes to do this! Our motley band of heroes from across space and time has made a final stand in an isolated monastery high in the Himalayan mountains against the zombie plague sweeping the multiverse… as the secret hand behind the zombie plague at last reveals itself! But it is too late to save the worlds of Dynamite from an unstoppable wave of undead?”

DIE!namite #5 is out Wednesday 17th February from Dynamite

Cover by Arthur Suydam (B)
Cover by Will Robson (C)
Cover by Lorraine Cosplay Variant
Rachel Hollon Cosplay Variant Cover


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