Review: The Green Ranger Stands Revealed In ‘Mighty Morphin’ #4

by James Ferguson


After what felt like forever, the Green Ranger reveals himself, but that’s somehow not the most exciting part of this issue. We’ll be feeling the ramifications of this moment for some time.


One of the new mysteries during the Unlimited Power Era of the Power Rangers comics has been the identity of the new Green Ranger. Who’s behind the mask, lending a hand to the team when they need it most? All is revealed in Mighty Morphin #4, changing the game entirely.

First off, I called it. I’m not going to spend the rest of this review gloating, but when it was first announced that there would be a new Green Ranger, the possibilities were limited and I figured it out. If you want it spoiled, check out a review of an earlier issue. While this does add some fun drama to the team, especially with how the Green Ranger is coming in not from Zordon, but from Promethea, I’m more interested in how public this is. The Green Ranger reveals his identity on national television.

One of the rules the Power Rangers received from Zordon after they got their powers was to keep their identities secret. I didn’t really know why that was, especially since Rita and Zedd knew who they were and often targeted attacks and monsters around what was going on in their lives. This new Green Ranger doesn’t work for Zordon. He works for Grace Sterling, a former Ranger with a bit of a grudge against her old boss. I’m very intrigued by the possibilities here. We’re in uncharted territory. Writer Ryan Parrott definitely knows how to drum up the drama and this issue is another shining example of that.

Most of Mighty Morphin #4 consists of a massive battle between Zedd’s new super Putty and the Zords. We even see the return of the DragonZord, but the fight is cut short before we see a potentially awesome new combination. Artist Marco Renna packs this issue with excitement and intensity. This is blockbuster level action crammed into these pages. I imagined a pulse-pounding soundtrack booming in the background as I was reading through this book.

The Zords in the TV show were always a little bulky because they were people in big rubber suits. Renna depicts them in a more dynamic fashion, showing incredible movements and interesting angles that add to the fun of the scene. When the DragonZord bursts on the scene, it’s a completely new take that works really well.

Colorist Walter Baiamonte, aided by Katia Ranalli, makes the battle pop on the page. Energy crackles between the Zords and the super Putty, showing the extreme attacks coming from both sides. Zedd’s minion hits with this neon green light that cuts through the shadows of a downed Thunder MegaZord in a frightening fashion. You just know that if one of the Rangers got hit by these energy bolts, it would be bad news.

One of the most interesting aspects of this run is the depiction of Rocky. He had a bit of a raw deal at first, coming into the role of the Red Ranger, traditionally the leader of the team, but immediately usurped by Tommy as the White Ranger. He’s come into his own here and taken on more of a leadership mentality that’s been fascinating to watch. There’s a great exchange as the Thunder MegaZord is going down, framed in red from letterer Ed Dukeshire, that shows Rocky’s determination to help his teammates.

Mighty Morphin has played with the foundation of this decades-old franchise and built something new and exciting. The characters are familiar, but the topics, story, and path is completely unique and as a long-time Power Rangers fan, I could not be more pumped about it.

Mighty Morphin #4 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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