‘Savage Dragon’ #259 To Be Rebranded As ‘North Force’ #0, Canada’s Newest Super Team

by Olly MacNamee

Due to feedback from fans for Savage Dragon #259, Image Comics partner Erik Larsen will be reworking and reformatting this issue for release this May as North Force #0.

Although this Canadian superhero team made their debut in Savage Dragon #255, it’s Savage Dragon #259 and the focus it gives this new team that’s seemingly has everyone talking. This new reprinting will come with team bios rather than a letter page and a new cover and trade dressing.

“North Force #0 is a new presentation of the highly collectible issue in the long running series and will shine a spotlight on an all-new Canadian super team. Letters pages and funnies have been replaced with bios for team members. The Canadian super-team North Force is looking to recruit a new member to their team: Malcolm Dragon.”

North Force #0 will be available at comic book shops and digitally on Wednesday, May 5th.

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