Superheroes Without The Continuity Baggage: ‘The Sensational Swan’ Hits Kickstarter

by James Ferguson

If you want to dig into some super hero adventures but don’t want to sift through 70+ years of continuity, The Sensational Swan is for you. The new anthology, currently on Kickstarter, focuses on The Swan with three self-contained shorts throughout the hero’s history designed for anyone to jump right in and enjoy. The character began as a throw-away in an earlier comic by Randy Stone, but the creator loved the idea so he returned to it ten years later to tell new stories alongside a robust array of talent.

The Dauntless Duckling” by Travis Rivas, Robin Richardson, Gabriela Contreras, Greg Deng, and Randy Stone serves as an homage to Batman ’66, showing Swan’s chum on his first solo adventure. John Ward, Marco Perugini, and Ariana Maher put together “Reflections” riffing on the psychological aspect of the character that sounds a bit on the creepy side. Finally, PD Loupee, Luana Vecchio, and Randy Stone team up for “The Session” focusing on Swan’s psychologist secret identity, Dr. Michael Murphy and his professional interactions with one of his rogue’s alter egos.

The 24-page anthology features a main cover by Stone and Marissa Louise along with pinups by Hank Jones Jr, Anderson Cabral, and J. Schiek. Rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include digital and physical copies of The Sensational Swan, prints, trading cards, sketch covers, original art, and more. It has already met its funding goal and will wrap up on February 28th, 2021.

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