John Wesley Shipp To Appear On ‘Stargirl’ As The Earth-2 Flash

by Erik Amaya

You can never keep John Wesley Shipp‘s Flash down.

EW reports the actor, who starred in the 1990’s Flash series as Barry Allen and joined the current Flash series as Barry’s (Grant Gustin) father Henry — initially, anyways — will reprise his later Flash role as Jay Garrick on The CW’s Stargirl. Although, this being the DC Multiverse, there will be a twist.

The ninth episode of the program’s second season will feature a flashback establishing Jay as the Flash only glimpsed in photos of the old Justice Society of America in Season 1. By bring Shipp’s version of Jay into the series, it establishes Stargirl as part of the redesigned Multiverse which debuted at the end of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Presumably, this means Stargirl herself (Brec Bassinger) will be invited to a future crossover of The CW shows.

Curiously, though, Shipp is also meant to reappear as Jay on Earth-Prime in some future episode of The Flash. As executive producer Eric Wallace told us last year, both Jay and his wife Joan (Michelle Harrison) — residents of the old Multiverse’s Earth-3 when we last saw them — survived the Crisis and have been integrated into Earth-Prime’s history; although it remains to be seen how the universe explains away their resemblance to Barry’s dead parents.

Originally designed for the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service, Stargirl was meant to exist in its own reality away from the Arrowverse. But as Crisis teased, all DC media exists alongside the Arrowverse. Following the Crisis, Stargirl was designated as occurring on the new Earth-2 in honor of the Justice Society, which also resided on that world in the original DC Comics Multiverse.

Stargirl returns to The CW later this year.

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