‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Adds New Operation ‘Future Imperfect’ Along With New Character Hawkeye On March 18th

by Sage Ashford

After several months of radio silence, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s Avengers have finally announced the next character’s arrival to the game in Hawkeye, and the next story, Future Imperfect in their latest Avengers Deep Dive trailer.   Nine minutes long, the trailer talks about the distant future Hawkeye has visited in which the Kree have destroyed the Earth and the only remaining known hero or villain appears to be a new version of the Hulk known as Maestro.   Driven mad by all the radiation he’s absorbed from the world, Maestro is a being with designs on ruling what’s left of the Wastelands.

The trailer also discussed the release of the game’s next-gen version, coming at the same time as Hawkeye on March 18th.  Of course, this is considerably later than Hawkeye’s original date of sometime in November, a month after the planned release of Kate Bishop.

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