Courage, Community, And Dragons Await In ‘Rangers Of The Divide’

by James Ferguson

Dark Horse Comics has announced Rangers of the Divide, a new four-issue mini-series from writer / artist Megan Huang. Debuting in May, the comic is about courage, community, and dragons, three things we can all get behind.

Following the disappearance of the nations’ peacekeepers, an elite Commander stumbles upon a team of bright-eyed cadets in need of leadership. The group prepares to venture out on their first mission into uncharted territories. Are they ready to face what awaits them …or will danger find them first?

Rangers of the Divide started out as me just wanting to create something for fun. From there it blossomed into a series I wanted to share. I put my spirit and heart into this epic tale, and as my first 100% solo series I’m anxious and excited for it to hit shelves. I hope people enjoy reading Rangers as much as I’ve loved working on it!”

Rangers of the Divide #1 is set for release on May 19th, 2021.

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