Def Jam Recordings Collaborates With Marvel Comics For Shorts In ‘Black Panther’

by James Ferguson

The final issues of Ta-Nehisi Coates & Daniel Acuna’s run on Black Panther is getting some extra content. Marvel Comics has announced a collaboration with Def Jam Recordings for character-driven short stories that will appear in Black Panther #23, #24, and #25, the last three issues of the “Intergalactic Empire” saga.

The first story, appearing in Black Panther #23, due out on February 24th, has singer/songwriter Saint Bodhi teaming up with co-writer Danny Lore, artist Alitha Martinez, and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg to pen a Storm tale. This will also be featured in Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1, a celebration of Black voices an artists, on sale on the say day. Next month in issue #24, rapper Bobby Sessions tells a story about the King of Wakanda himself. Finally, in the series finale in April, “Toxic R&B” star Kaash Paige writes a short about the Wakandan Princess Shuri and the power of knowledge. Each three-page story will also feature an exclusive one-page Def Jam artist profile.

“Bringing these two logos together was a dream,” said Def Jam partnerships consultant Jonathan Rheingold. “There was a mutual desire to unite these two great brands for a mission and a cause — leveraging Def Jam’s rising stars and the legendary Marvel characters to tell powerful stories that would make an emotional connection with fans of both cultures.”

“My album Mad World is a raw, honest, and very personal journey into my life and upbringing in South Central L.A.,” Saint Bodhi writes. “I grew up with a not-so-normal past.  I say the things people are afraid to say. I let you experience the ‘mad world’ that is my life.”

Teenage Fever is my debut album and it was important for me to capture my last year of being a teen through my music,” says 20-year old Kaash. “This chapter of my life is coming to an end so I wanted to put all my experiences into a document that will live forever.”

“My album Manifest is a guide for people to transform into the greatest version of themselves,” Sessions concludes.  “A body of work that will lead people to find their inner super hero!”

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