‘Department Of Truth’ To Become A Television Series

by Erik Amaya

Comicon favorite Department of Truth is beginning its journey across the media landscape.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elisabeth Murdoch, Stacey Snider and Jane Featherstone‘s production company, Sister, has picked up the film and television rights to the Image Comics series from James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds. At the moment, the plan is to develop it as a television series with Tynion getting first crack at the pilot script. Both he and Simmonds will also serve as executive producers.

The plot focuses on former FBI agent Cole Turner, who get drawn into the wild world of Flat-Earthers and believers in faked Moon landings. As our own Olly MacNamee put it our Best Comic Series of 2020 list, it sees Tynion mixing “tin-foil hat level conspiracies with good old fashioned down-and-dirty government black ops and espionage.” Besides winning a slot in that category, Department of Truth also appeared in the Best Single Issue category, Best Writer (with Tynion) and Best Letterer (with Aditya Bidikar). Clearly, we like this book.

While Tynion will write that first pilot script, the search is underway for a writing producer to shepherd the series through development and, presumably, run the show when it lands on a network, cable channel, or streaming service. Of course, as it is only beginning its journey — and could still molt into a film — it will be sometime before Department of Truth will come to your screen. In the meantime, read the book!

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