Super Sunday (Part 1) – Previewing ‘Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

It’s the last week of DC Future State titles, so this makes it our last Super Sunday focussing exclusively on these preview. I myst say as a fan, it’s been a ride and I’ve enjoyed every one of the titles I’ve manage to pick up while in lockdown ever in the UK. A particular favourite was Future State: Swamp Thing, and the news that Ram V and Mike Perkins will be continuing to work on the Champion of the Green in an all-new ongoing come March too.

But, onto this week’s new DC Future State titles. after this week they may be gone, but I doubt they’ll be forgotten. I doubt we’ve seen the last of these interesting new future variations of DC classic characters. Dan Didio may be long gone, but his legacy and palms for 5G, seems to have lived on. And that’s quite the accomplishment, I think. Now let’s take a look at our first preview of the day, and another favourite of mine, Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex #2 from the same gang behind Billionaires Island, Mark Russell and Steve Pugh:

Cover by Yanick Paquette

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Steve Pugh
Colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

“It’s really happening: Lexor has joined the United Planets! While surveying, Lois Lane and Superman discover that the planet is rich in minerals, causing Lex Luthor to try and exit the federation to make a pretty penny! Realizing he can’t leave without agreement from Earth, he imprisons Lois Lane, then whips up the propaganda machine against Superman. Now the power couple must work together to break free and stop Luthor’s plans! But how can they fight a whole planet that’s designed to hate them?”

Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex #2 is out Tuesday 23rd February from DC Comics


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