Exclusive Preview: An Authentic Testament To Puberty In ‘The Locker Room’

by James Ferguson

This week sees the release of The Locker Room by creator Timothé Le Boucher. The graphic novel published by Humanoids is described as “Degrassi High meets The Lord of the Flies.” We’re pleased to share an exclusive preview of the book below.

The middle school has a new locker room and these pubescent boys are about to discover the full effects of hormones and social hierarchy in this unrestrained microcosm.

The boys discover the renovated premises in a flurry of embarrassment and mockery: foggy glass windows, pink toilets… and communal showers! It becomes a special place where adult authority vanishes and primal instincts can be expressed in their rawest, most brutal form: aggression, adolescent sexuality, mockery, bullying…

What is simulated within the locker room is a micro-society without boundaries, with an uncertain equilibrium—complete with fearsome leaders and lower class losers.

Far from a teenage soap opera, this is an authentic testament to puberty.

The Locker Room is set for release on February 23rd, 2021 at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.


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