Jordan Arrives At The Fortress Of Solitude In A Preview Of Upcoming ‘Superman & Lois’ Episodes

by Erik Amaya

As it is just beginning, Superman & Lois still needs to tease upcoming events before getting into episode-specific promos. Nevertheless, we imagine the key scene in the following look at the season to come is Jordan’s (Alex Garfin) first visit to the Fortress of Solitude and what we imagine will be an unexpected conversation with Jor-El’s (Angus Macfadyen) digital ghost. Other scenes suggest Jordan will have a tough time at Smallville High while General Lane’s (Dylan Walsh) reliance on Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will further strain the Man of Steel’s relationship with Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) — for a time, anyway. It seems Clark is going to commit himself to his kids above all other concerns before too long.

And based on this premiere episode, that’s probably a good thing. More than Jordan’s mental health, Clark needs to do something about Jonathan’s (Jordan Elsass) douchey jock attitude. Even if Jon does come to Jordan’s defense more often than not, it’s also a good thing he hasn’t exhibited any powers. Of course, we admit our bias may be talking here. Losing a guaranteed ride into pro ball may mellow him out, though. In the meantime, we hope Clark finds a way to teach Jordan how to use his powers responsibly without alienating Jonathan.

Of course, that’s the whole trick of this fathering thing, isn’t it?

The possibility of tensions like these will keep us coming back to Superman & Lois in the short term. As it happens, we’re more intrigued by the unknowns of Superman raising kids than the surprise villain revealed at the end of the pilot. That said, if his presence is tied to something Jordan or Jonathan do decades from now, the more CW element of the show may marry well with the small town family drama executive producer Todd Helbing seems more invested in telling.

For the moment, we’ll say we definitely like the look of the show. The dusty feel sets it apart from The Flash or Supergirl and makes Smallville feel a world away. As for the inhabitants of that world, well, we reserve judgement until at least Episode 6.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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