Kirkman And De Felici’s ‘Oblivion Song’ To End With Issue #36

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Lorenzo De Felici (artist), with Annalisa Leoni as colour artist, Oblivion Song #30 – out now – includes a surprising announcement in its letter page. The end of the series, coming with issue #36

“If you’ve been paying attention to the buildup of this story from arc to arc, you might have suspected that we were nearing a natural end point…and we are, issue #36 was always planned to be the final issue,” wrote Kirkman. “When we conceived of this series, I thought of it as a trilogy of 12-issue arcs. Looking back, you can see the time jumps between #12 and #13, as well as #24 and #25, marked definitive chapter breaks along the way. That was by design.”

Here’s the synopsis  although with only a handful of issue to go, it may be a bot late to catch up. But, at 36 issues, it will make for a great omnibus:

“Oblivion Song takes place in an apocalyptic Philadelphia and follows Nathan Cole as he attempts to rescue the citizens lost in Oblivion. The series is co-created by Robert Kirkman (writer) and Lorenzo De Felici (artist), with Annalisa Leoni as colorist. Issue #31 hits stands this June, and the series will conclude with issue #36. The series is currently in development for a film adaptation at Universal.”

Oblivion Song #30 is available now from Image Comics

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